Questioning Existence Of God

Posted: August 20, 2010 in Religious
God as the world believes is not a physical or material being. He is spiritual and infinite.
Have you ever come to a situation which made you ask yourself does god really exists?

Till today i believed firmly that God is the supreme power above who has the power to regulate each second of our life. He is the one who will never do anything which will make you sad as you are afterall the dear child of that supreme power.

But today i stand here and ask myself is there really any GOD?

It is true that God cannot be disproven but this does not mean that he exists.
Humans have always been curious about their origins.With the scientific inventions everyday man can prove the existence of universe.But have anybody proved the existence of God?

Maybe we just want to be in a comfortable zone so that death can not haunt us. They say that invisible,supreme power(God) exist so that it may guard them when they are dead as they consider it to be protecting them now when they are alive.
If God created everything that who created God? this is a general question asked by young children. And to this the simple answer becomes “if i tell you who created God,you would then want to know who created that entity.So assume that whoever we call God is one and it did not need to be created.There was never a time when he was not”.

From the childhood we are taught that God exists and that it is the supreme power who will protect us from all the odds.Over generations of story telling,a culture obviously becomes convinced of a real god.
Every religion claims that their is God and that he loves and cares for his people.But even then the world has lot of sufferings ,evils and sorrows.However if God were indeed all-powerful supreme sole body than his authority would surely preside over all things and he could end evil.The fact that he doesn’t, or so far hasn’t but one day will, affirms the fallacy of an all-loving God, as he has allowed evil to exist either thus far, or indefinitely; if he can’t, than the proposition that he is all-powerful is dispelled.
It is said that believe in God and one day he will listen to you and will help you vanish your sadness.It will help you eradicate your pain. But if that supreme body exists and we are considered the children of that god who guards us each second then why does he put us in such circumstances at the first place?
If God exists, then he is perfect. If God exists, then he is the creator of the universe. If a being is perfect, then whatever he creates must be perfect.But the universe isn’t perfect. If God is omniscient, he knows what the future holds. If God is omnipotent, he is able to change any aspect of the future he wishes. If God is omniscient, he already knows what he is going to do to change the future. This means that God cannot change his mind about his intervention.Therefore, God is not omnipotent.

So , Why attack God? He may be as miserable as we are. 🙂